Introducing Duralec for All

Duralec has recently upgraded its online store to allow easy purchasing by customers all over the country! For years Duralec has been a mostly regional supplier of LED lights and other electrical equipment. But the company has been expanding more and more, due to its talented staff, unrivaled expertise, and superior sourcing.

Opening up the website to new users—and inviting everyone to explore the massive inventory—is the next frontier for Duralec. Let’s look at the new and improved site.


New Features

Previously, the Duralec online store was mostly used by contractors and large-scale buyers, particularly in the Midwest region. The new online store is built for the entire country, as well as for all kinds of customers. The development team focused on building a site that is user friendly, comprehensive, and secure. For that reason, the new site should feel intuitive and familiar. Let’s walk through the site’s basic steps.

Products on the Duralec home page are organized into categories and sub-categories for quick access. Most product pages have extensive descriptions and specs. Once you’ve found your item, you click on Add to Cart. (Again, no surprises here.) Shipping and tax will be estimated after an address is added. Next, either add more items to the cart or click Check Out Now.

The next step is either to sign in or to register as a new user. Having an account gives you the ability to track order status, look at purchase history, as well as offering other benefits. Creating an account is quick and easy.

Shipping options are extensive. Sometimes you need your order tomorrow; sometimes you can wait. You can even pick it up for free. Hint: being a registered user gives you access to the Duralec UPS account number for even better rates.

To finish the process, simply put in a form of payment—all major credit cards are accepted—and that’s it. The system is truly built for everyone—from the busiest contractor to the home owner looking for a floodlight.

If you don’t see a product you need, feel free to call us (847-250-7902, the number at the top of the web site) or email us (Contact Us form at the bottom of the site). More and more items are being added to the site every day, so it’s possible the thing you need is on our shelves. (If not, our team can point you in the right direction.)

If an item is out of stock, feel free to call about that, as well. It’s possible that a shipment is on its way or that the online system has yet to update itself—as we move quickly to offer more features, it’s possible that a wire gets crossed every now and then. If you ever experience a hiccup in the system, we’d love to hear about it so we can address the issue for you.


The Duralec VIP Program

The website has even more benefits available for contractors, ESCO providers, and facility managers. Signing up for Duralec’s VIP Program gives you special discounts and even more access to Duralec’s expert service. Check out the program at the link here.

As always, working with Duralec gives you access to all of the top brands. These include IntrinsiX, Philips, Topaz, Morris Products, Garvin, Eiko, and countless others.

Choose Duralec As Your LED Lighting Supplier

  • We Offer Real Value - The Highest Quality Products At The Lowest Prices.
  • We Stand Behind Our Products With The Longest Warranties
  • Expert Advice - We are here when you need us.
  • Fast Shipping. 1-2 day delivery for most of the mid-west and east coast.
  • Near Chicago? Order by 1pm for same day pickup at our Schaumburg warehouse.