Tips for efficient lighting for the time change on Daylight Saving Time in 2022

Daylight Saving Time (some refer to as Daylight Savings Time) ends this Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 2 a.m. As we fall back and change the clocks back one hour, households, offices, and industries get ready to adjust to the new start and end hours of daily tasks for the fall months. Many businesses change their schedule to avoid the clock change, leading to missed opportunities. Businesses have also reported a surge in energy usage while observing daylight saving time, rather than energy usage being cut down and saved.


How Daylight Saving Time Affects People and Businesses

Daylight Saving Time Effect on People

Most people are more productive during the spring and summer days because they have more daylight hours to work with. During these months, they wake up an hour earlier, gaining them an hour of sunlight for other activities. During the fall months, they set the clocks forward, earning them an hour of sleep but losing one hour of light before going to bed. Many find that the change in time and lighting disrupts their sleep patterns, resulting in decreased productivity and health problems.

Daylight Saving Time Effect on Businesses

Daylight saving time has a more visible impact on businesses with many employees and large spaces that require efficient lighting systems. During the spring months, the extra hour of sunlight after their routine encourages people to stay outdoors to dine and shop. Businesses keep up by lighting the spaces and extending the hours, resulting in a significant jump on their electric bill.


How Dimmable Lights Save Energy and Alleviate the Effects of DST Time Change

Lighting that adapts to time change greatly improves the health and well-being of occupants in any setting. Dimmable lights mimic the warm, natural light of the golden hour in the morning and evening, and the full spectrum of direct light in the daytime, allowing people’s eyes to adjust as their body clocks do. 

Duralec's line of dimmable lights is suitable for residential and commercial spaces and provides options for adjusting brightness, color temperature, and wattage. Each has a range of brightness and temperature that resembles golden hour (from 3500K) and direct sunlight (up to 5000K). 


Duralec Dimmable Light Product Line


Duralec Troffer Lights

Watt-switchable from 24-36W, Troffer Lights are perfect for grid ceilings, small offices, and small retail spaces.


Duralec LED Panel Lights

From 120W with Tri-color and Adjustable Brightness options, LED Panel Lights are perfect for wide offices, restaurants, and retail spaces.



Duralec Bay Lights

From 100W with Linear and UFO Shapes, Bay Lights are perfect for warehouses, auditoriums, indoor sports areas, indoor gardens, and large retail spaces.




Energy savings by switching to Duralec lights

  • Up to 75% year-round savings while alleviating the effect of daylight saving time!
  • Optional Motion Sensors (Bay Lights) for switching off the lights automatically in empty spaces for more savings!
  • Switchable Wattage (Troffer Lights) saves more energy than single-wattage lights!
  • All lights are energy efficient and DLC-listed, making sure that spaces are kept bright while consumption remains low.
  • All lights are tested for safety - RoHS compliant (free from hazardous materials), UL Certified (free from the risk of fire), and ETL and FCC Certified (approved for the US market).
  • All lights are ensured with a 5-Year Warranty.


Sunshine Protection Act of 2022

With the Sunshine Protection Act of 2022 passed, states in the US will have a year-round Daylight Saving Time, excluding Hawaii, most of Arizona, and those who observe year-round Standard Time. Daylight saving time would begin on the spring forward on March 2023 and would last permanently. Those who conform will set their clocks ahead for the last time and will no longer reset the clocks as they do with DST. This means that everyone will have an extra hour of daylight before bedtime.

Whether DST is observed or not, it doesn't necessarily affect the length of daylight in the spring and autumn months. The longer daylight in the spring and summer, and the shorter daylight in the autumn and winter still have effects - favorable and adverse - on people and businesses.


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