Top 10 Benefits of LED Troffer / Drop Ceiling Lights VS Traditional Lights

Planning to upgrade to LED lighting from traditional fluorescent/incandescent fixtures? Here are the top 10 benefits of Strata LED Troffer Lights for various lighting projects and applications.

10: New Standard for Commercial LED Lighting

LED troffer lighting is the current standard for energy-efficient lighting for spaces that require quality LED recessed lighting and/or suspended lighting. Duralec's Strata LED Troffer Lights raises the standards of LED lighting technology with its excellent light output, better quality of light, and better lighting performance making it the perfect choice for office, retail space, and warehouse lighting.

9: High Illumination Efficacy

Another benefit of LED lighting is its high illumination efficacy. The quality of light in an establishment affects the volume of people and businesses that stay within them. Employees become more productive in well-lit environments, increasing employment and retention, while businesses begin to thrive resulting in longer tenancy. 

At 130lm/w (lumen per watt), LED light bulbs give off 30% more light than fluorescent light fixtures, incandescent lights, and other LED products. Duralec LED bulbs are tried, tested, and DLC-listed to emit light in all directions evenly.

8: Watt Switchable Lighting Options

Strata LED Troffer Lights come in 2 sizes (2X2 and 2X4 LED) and each has 3 wattage options in the same troffer fixture. This LED technology allows you to select the intensity of the light as needed - something that cannot be adjusted with incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent fixtures, and other types of single-watt LEDs.

7: Brightness and Color Options

Strata LED Troffer Lights have 3 color options and a range of brightness that resembles natural light from dusk and dawn (3500K) and direct white light of daylight (5000K). Benefits of using tri-color LED light fixtures for indoor lighting include:

  • Helps people make sense of time based on the type of lighting.
  • Helps people's eyes adjust to light when working early or late hours.
  • Allows people who work in photography or films to use proper lighting without changing the light source or LED lamps.

6: Designed to Reflect More Light

The Central Hanging Basket design distributes more light from the lamp to a broader space than other LED troffers. The wide-angle aluminum trough casts minimal to no shadows and acts as a support and reflector for the lamp, which makes LED lighting more efficient.

5: Optional Motion Sensor and Emergency Backup

What sets Strata LED Troffer Lights apart from what other types of LED lighting offer, are options to add motion sensors and emergency backup. Motion sensors automatically set the light off in empty spaces. Emergency backup automatically sets the lights on emergency mode during power outages. Tried and tested switches and drivers guarantee that each fixture is safe and won't cause fires.

4: Certified Safe and Efficient Lighting Technology

It is well-known that LED lights use significantly less energy than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. However, not all new LED lights are the same. Duralec LED lights are tried, tested, and certified to be energy efficient (DLC Listed), free from hazardous materials (RoHS compliant), free from the risk of fire (UL Certified), and approved for the US market (ETL and FCC Certified), built up from the existing technology of LED lights.

3: Thin, Lightweight, and Easy to Install

Lightweight materials and built-in T-bar clips make for easy, safe, and secure installation of LED retrofit fixtures. Installing LED lights for indoor and outdoor lighting can be done in several ways - drop or grid ceiling, drywall recessed, surface recessed or suspended - making it the perfect option for office lighting, warehouse lighting, and other commercial lighting spaces.

2: LED Lighting Systems Increase Rebate Eligibility

The benefits of LED lighting are more than just lowering the energy cost and saving businesses money. Using LED lights makes businesses and buildings eligible for government energy certification and rebates available in their state.

1: Significant Annual Energy Savings

Energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting products are the main reason LED lights have proliferated since LED light production began in the 2010s. With Duralec LED fixtures, you get more than 70% in year-round energy savings compared to other conventional lights in the market. Each fixture has a 50,000 lifespan and a 5-Year Warranty for even more savings.

Switch to LED Lighting Now

Strata LED Troffer Lights are available at For more LED lighting solutions, check out Duralec's line of LED High Bay Lights, LED Panel Lights, and LED Flood Lights to see how they fit into your lighting needs.

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