Why to Choose Cooper Lighting

When choosing lights for a job that needs high quality products and guaranteed results, it helps to start on the right foot. The right manufacturer can be hard to find. Ideally, you would choose a spec-grade manufacturer with decades of experience and a huge inventory of cutting-edge products. Fortunately, that manufacturer exists in Cooper Lighting Solutions.

Duralec is proud to offer Cooper Lighting Solutions products and to spread the word about their LED lights and first-class service. They’re an amazing example of a spec-grade manufacturer working at the top of the field. Their offerings can be a bit overwhelming (in a good way), so let’s take a quick look at a few of their top products and how they set themselves apart.


HALO Lighting

Cooper Lighting Solutions has over twenty well-known brands, like AtLite, Lumark, and Trellix. One of their brands is constantly mentioned as a leader in downlights—HALO. In fact, HALO has been named Builder Magazine’s #1 Lighting Brand for 24 years in a row. Their products include downlights, track lights, under-cabinet fixtures, outdoor lights, and more.

HALO downlights meet the highest industry standards and are suitable for every lighting need. They come in a wide variety, including recessed canless downlights, surface-mounted downlights, and countless more. Most models offer options for different sizes, wattages, trim finishes, and functions. In short, there is a light out there for every application.

HALO lights are certified by multiple organizations. This ensures top quality, reliability, efficiency, and safety. For example, the popular HALO HLBC4 Series Ultra-Slim Regressed LED Downlight is ENERGY STAR® Certified, IECC code compliant, UL Certified, T24 certified, and RoHS Compliant. These are obviously top-quality lights.

The best LED modules and drivers give HALO lights an unrivaled edge. Color rendering indexes (CRI) of 90+ guarantee exceptional light quality. Selectable color corrected temperatures (CCT) and lumen outputs make the fixtures flexible for any situation. A conference room that needs cool white light and a lounge that needs comfortable warm light could feasibly use the same fixture. Many lights are dimmable down to 5% and are of course flicker-free.

HALO lights offer exceptional efficiency, as well, even for LED lights. These fixtures use a fraction of the electricity of older lights. These numbers represent huge savings in energy bills, especially in times of energy price spikes.

Lights like the HALO HLBC4 offer five-year warranties, though it’s likely these lights will last much, much longer. The lifespans of these LED lights are well known for being exceedingly long.


Exit and Emergency Lighting

Cooper Lighting Solutions leads the industry in exit and emergency lighting solutions, as well. Through their brands AtLight and Sure-Lites, they offer comprehensive solutions for both of these needs.

Proper exit and emergency lighting isn’t just a safety issue—it’s a legal issue, as well. Federal laws (as well as some state laws) require workplaces and many other buildings to have functional exit and egress lighting in case of emergencies. Choosing compliant lights and placing them correctly is an important part of finishing a building. Cooper Lighting Solutions offers not only a wide array of lights to fulfill these needs but also the expertise to walk you through your situation, if you need.

Exit lights like those made by Sure-Lites are high-quality LEDs with nickel cadmium batteries for at least 90 minutes of emergency run time. They come with universal mounts so they can be installed in any location. Their low wattage—around 3 watts—sip electricity while providing essential exit light.

Emergency lights by Sure-Lites are also top-of-the-line LEDs that have battery backups with run times of at least 90 minutes. Lights like the Sure-Lites APELMINI are UL 924 listed and produce powerful light to meet legal egress-light requirements. These emergency lights are made to survive wet locations, extreme temperatures, and harsh conditions.


Exterior Lighting

Cooper Lighting Solutions offers nearly every exterior lighting solution imaginable. (If you have a need you’re not sure they can meet, it would be wise to check with them just in case.) They have decades of experience manufacturing floodlights, street lamps, landscape lighting, sports arena lighting, and more.

Floodlights like the GFLD Galleon II (made by the McGraw-Edison brand) produce lumens from 1,261 to 36,393 lm. They are available in a range of color corrected temperatures (CCT). These floodlights are IP66 rated to endure wet and extreme weather. They also offer a wide variety of mounting options (pole, slipfitter, yoke, trunnion, wall, and knuckle), giving you the option to use them in any application, from a parking lot to a loading dock to a tennis court.

A large catalog of outdoor architectural and decorative lighting gives designers many new options. These fixtures were designed with aesthetics in mind and can work in any style, from traditional to modern. Functional and attractive lighting is key to maintaining great pedestrian spaces.

Fixtures like the Arbor Post Top Light provide a highly modern, sculptural shape while delivering powerful, high-quality LED light. Traditional designs, on the other hand, like the New Haven or the Traditionaire fixtures, are suitable for historic districts or places looking for some old-fashioned charm. These lights come with LED drivers and other components guaranteed to survive even the harshest elements. They produce bright light at just the right CCT and just the right diffusion angles.

Cooper Lighting Solutions produces many garage and canopy lighting solutions, as well. These fixtures produce bright light that isn’t just about visibility—it’s about safety. Well lit spaces are crucial for maintaining public safety. Property protection is an added bonus to great lighting.

Garage and canopy lights come in many shapes and sizes. Some resemble street lamps while others look like floodlights. They produce a variety of light, as well—the Caretaker light produces as few as 4,500 lumens, while the Galleon puts out up to 80,000 lumens. These lights are as efficient as they are bright. Most produce between 130 and 160 lumens per watt (LPW). A good array of garage lights combines maximum coverage and energy savings, and lights from brands like Lumark and McGraw-Edison can do that.

These examples only scratch the surface of what Cooper Lighting Solutions has to offer. If you would like to explore the high-quality products of one of today’s best spec-grade manufacturers, feel free to call a Duralec expert today.

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