What Is the Best Linear Architectural Lighting Today?

A beautiful space deserves beautiful lighting. Fortunately, today’s lighting marketplace is the best it has ever been, and electricians and interior designers can find stunning fixtures with unprecedented power and quality. Before we dig into specifics, let’s review what sets architect [..]

How to Save Money with LED Retrofit Kits

The fastest way to save money on building operations is most likely to install LED retrofits. Replacing outdated lighting fixtures with new LEDs creates several avenues of savings. And the return on investment is fast. Let’s summarize some of the benefits of a retrofit kit.   The Bene [..]

The Ins and Outs of Outside Lights from Duralec

Exterior lighting has undergone a revolution since the invention of LED lights. Today’s outside lights are superior in almost every way to their counterparts of only a decade ago. Users are seeing huge cost savings as well as brighter, safer environments. Whether it’s a new build or a [..]

Why Choose Flat Panels from Duralec?

Flat-panel LED lights are quickly becoming the top choice for commercial construction. These lights provide countless benefits and are a huge improvement over the technology of only a decade or two ago. However, not all LED lights are alike. Understanding the options is key to choosing the right l [..]

Maximize ROI with LEDs: See how much you can save by switching

Maximize ROI with LEDs: See how much you can save by switching LED lighting technology has revolutionized the way we light our homes and businesses. LEDs are now the most popular form of lighting, due to their long lifespan, energy efficiency, and cost savings. LED lights can help maximize your r [..]

Behind the Light: All About Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of lighting installation where the light fixture is concealed within a hollowed-out area in the ceiling or wall. It creates a more subtle and elegant look than traditional overhead-mounted lighting fixtures and can be used to create dramatic lighting effect to any space [..]

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